Monday, April 11, 2011

Maybe Tomorrow

I want to write
about my daughters,
my husband, my dog,
my son, always my son,
     so I might feel that brief peace,
the trip I want to take.
my sunset days,
about the great people,
     ordinary people I have met,
the way the soil smells
     after a rain and I’m
     picking weeds, how it feels
to go to the mailbox and see
     something personal for me,
to peruse my email and see
     a chatty note from family
     or friend, what my husband's
arms feel like to my essence
     or whatever it is deep down
     where I can’t reach, perhaps
even that place where I go
      to bathe in light and consciousness,
or about foods that are
     delicious and filling,
how it is to write and know when
     someone else gets it, when
     someone else is interested,
how the flowers in a field
     make me want to blossom
     right there with them, especially
     if they are yellow or red,
what it feels like to paint,
     create something that has
     meaning, and I will write all this
maybe tomorrow with all my ability
     and resources, belief and creativity
     that will burst open and lay itself
down on my page.

(I have combined NapoWriMo "40 lines" and Poetic Asides "Maybe...")


Mary said...

A wonderful poem, Judy. You definitely have a lot of subjects that you know you WANT to write about. You can start....tomorrow.

Victoria said...

You do bloom, bright yellow, red as truth, over all your fields of paper, poem after poem. I love your vitality.

Lynne said...

What a brilliant poem this is, Judy! And you do blossom, my friend, you blossom every day.

Agnija said...

I definitely get it! Lovely verse as always.

flaubert said...

Don't wait, start writing, Judy:) Nicely combined prompts.


Willow said...

The perfect Maybe Tomorrow, poem Judy

sharplittlepencil said...

"The flowers of the field make me want to blossom/right there with them." A delicious line, Judy. Loved this whole poem, start to finish. Alive with your essence.


ssina said...

wow! such BEAUTIFUL lines here. so VERY lovely :)
thanks for writing this!!

Bliss ~

irisinbloom said...

You have captured the essence of a writers life so well. Living life and seeing the beauty and wanting to capture it with artistic words in the mind's camera.
Tomorrow you can write about them.