Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Form

is my favorite
form so far
because it’s so simply done
I hope you’ll try it.

If you use
this Spanish poem style
it can be
more addictive than even
the Haiku or Lune.


Kim Nelson said...

I saw this on RJ's site and promised to give it a go this week. Not yet, but soon...
Nice job here!

Mary said...

Form poems are fun sometimes. I think they help a poet expand. I will be searching out the shadorma.

Ann said...

I always have to look up the line thing to do a Shadorma! Great job!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Communication is the name of the game, if it helps you to express yourself, then I say let's play Shadorma!!

Anonymous said...

I am still so new to poetry, that just getting my thoughts into words has been a new experience! I have tried a couple "forms" in these four months, but haven't tried Shadorma. But will! Nice job on yours!!

Amanda Moore said...

I agree it is very addictive especially when I read cute ones like yours!

Mr. Walker said...

I just wrote some linked Lune (Lunes?), but I agree. I just discovered this form and I'm eager to it a try. You did so quite successfully, a nice melding of form and content.

septembermom said...

Thank you for this recommendation. I think I'll try it! Sounds like fun :)

Jingle said...


well done.


Amy said...

I am HOPELESS at most forms. Was into a groove for a while with lunes. This is a gorgeous shadorma.

Guess I'm too scattered or just plain "old hippie" to embrace them, but I do appreciate when forms are done well, as with yours here.

Peace, Amy

flaubert said...

Love it, Judy. I believe it is Shadorma fever, I wrote one yesterday, but have not yet posted it.


Anonymous said...

ha ! Lot of amazing Shadorma on blogs today .. but this one neats them all :)

Victoria said...

I don't usually like to do form poems, but your plug for shandorra tempts me.