Sunday, March 9, 2014


She left him money, not much
but enough
to get something special
from her to him

First he split the money
with his wife.
He knew she loved
his mom, too,
and because
that‘s the way he was.

He took the rest
and purchased
an overstuffed
leather recliner.

Why a recliner I asked him.
His reply?

Every time I sit,
I’ll feel her arms
around me
as if she were a huge
old stuffed recliner
bringing me comfort
after a rough day.


Mary said...

This is a very moving poem really, Judy. It also shows the kind of person he is, also wharf is important to him. I can definitely understand his choice of the recliner.

Glenda Beall said...

I don't know him, but I love that he loved his mother.

Lynne said...

What a wonderful guy your poem depicts, Judy. I love thinking of this person with the essence of his mother with him in that big overstuffed recliner.

Victoria said...

There is real sweetness in this poem, and in the man described. I see he passed on love easily, by sharing some of his inheritance with his wife first, like passing on his mother's generosity. The idea of feeling wrapped in her love in a recliner bought with her inheritance is a sweet idea. This one and Ann's recliner poem both make me a bit more tolerant of the recliner, a kind of furniture I personally have never appreciated.

Peggy said...

What a beautiful poem Judy. So unexpected.

RETA said...
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rola tu Blog said...
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Poetic Soul said...

This is heartwarming and so beautiful... Gone but always around

Anonymous said...

You convey a great deal in few words. One of the most difficult aspects of writing poetry. I feel his love, the mother and mother-in-law's love, his fairness, his wife's companionship and familial love. Plus, I also like my recliner and miss my mother.

Prashant said...

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Pequeno Thi said...

hahahaha... beautiful!

Bill said...

That is beautiful Honey. Mother would like what you said. She loved you.

Unknown said...

Cool! Can you check out my blog too, and comment?

Unknown said...

Lovely poem! I love poems, even though I only started my new blog..I'll be sharing some of my old poems as well in the future!
Keep sharing your poems! I'll keep following :)


Unknown said...

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Sanaa Rizvi said...

Hello Judy,

Your poems are really beautiful and full of expression! I adore your poem "Inheritance."

I too am a fellow poet. Do stop by!

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Bill said...

Beautiful Honey.