Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode To Hair

I celebrated my sixtieth with determined
Stance – I will have long hair,
Since short was called for in the aged.

I wouldn’t be elderly or even older,
Damn it! My un-sheared head would
Be my stand against time unchecked.

Cosmetologist In the middle of strands
That look like cypress needles too long
Without water. My hair falls still with

Each snip of the sheers. I stare at the
image of me now with my shaggy do.
I decide aging isn't so bad after all,

It's the things I do to stave age off,
A never ending story of creams, tricks,
Illusions and finally, peaceful acceptance.


Mary said...

I let my hair grow for a few years only ONCE in my life. It didn't look bad really, but gosh it took a long time to dry! For most of my life I have preferred short hair, and I never considered it an 'aging' thing at all. You're right....acceptance IS the key.

Willow said...

...and finally, peaceful acceptance...I hope I get there. Excellent poem.

Peggy said...

Peaceful acceptance sounds like a good state of being. Don't know if I will ever be there. LOL I had long hair for a time when I was in my 20s--Bryan put a stop to that --getting an infant tangled in my hair was not fun. I have had it pretty short--more or less--ever since. I think my mom thought of short hair as less old--the older women of the generation before her all had long hair in our families.

Ann said...

Ah, hair issues! We all have stories, but the blessing of now is acceptance. Well said, Judy!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing it the wrong way round - always had short hair but now I'm approachiong fifty I'm growing it, before it's too late.

Ron. said...

what is this "short hair" of which you speak?
--The Hippie

Judy Roney said...

LOL Ron. I'm thinking it may be a family thing now that says "short hair for old folks":)

Elizabeth said...

For me, acceptance often means ease and comfort, wash and go are far more acceptable than you'll have to wait while I take an hour and a half to get ready. Never was an age issue. But I agree that acceptance is a big key,


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