Thursday, April 28, 2011

The World Without Computers

Live without my computer?
I'd have to refigure my life
would sit with pen and paper
no online friends or support
no research materials at my
beck and call. I wouldn’t

know as much, do as much,
or be as much. How great
life would have been if I'd
had a computer in my childhood
or while raising my kids, but I’ll
just be thankful I have one now.


Mary said...

I will second all your thoughts, Judy. I would be lost without my computer & assorted computer-substitute-devices!

Willow said...

Oh yes, where would we be? They just retired the typewriter...most of all the online knowledge so we're not leafing through dictionaries, thesaurus. Everything so much more accessible.

Peggy said...

Definitely true for me Judy. Good idea for this prompt!

Bill said...

Oh my gosh ! Without your computer ? Cannot imagine.

flaubert said...

Technology has come a long way since we were children. Knowledge at our fingertips. Well said, Judy.


LKHarris-Kolp said...

I know... I would be lost without my computer and the Internet, Judy.

vivinfrance said...

I entirely agree. Well done Mr Babbage for starting the whole shebang!