Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brian's Gifts

Never again will I fear the people, places,
or things of this world that caused me
distress. I won't be afraid to travel, fly,
drive, sail away or live my life loud.

Never again will I wonder what to do
as long as I have a computer, a functioning
mind, or a canvas and paint.I will write,
paint and create in all the forms I've

discovered since my son's death. Never
again will I see my son's face, hear his
voice, or hug him close. Though I still
grieve, I am blessed with his gifts.


brenda w said...

Judy, This is a beautiful tribute. The last line opens the poem to a new and hopeful idea. Gifts run through us and beyond. Lovely poem.

flaubert said...

Judy, we have a wealth of creative outlets available to us, as you have stated here. Nicely said.


Willow said...

Bittersweet, {{{{Judy}}}

Stan Ski said...

Go for it!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Judy. Few ever see the gifts that grief can bring, in their rush to put it behind them, closing the door on a life that wants only to find connection again. Beautifully stated.


Ron. said...

Grief as creative spur...although it's been done before, your approach, here, of solid resolution / affirmation before the exposition of the impetus gives this piece a unique freshness. Well done.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Nicely written!

Victoria said...

Stron Judy, as you are strong, turning pain into art and still acknowledging the pain, the loss. It is "and both" still, the blessing with the sorrow, at least when we make it so.

Agnija said...

Wow! I did not see the ending coming. Very strong, as others have said.

Anonymous said...

Judy, loss is indeed a way toward a new life. But still, it's so sad to lose a loved one. This was touching.

Amy (Here's my "never again")

Anonymous said...

You found a strength you did not know you had and your gifts of art and words bloomed..finding gifts in the midst of unbearable sorrow..incredible to me

Bill said...

What if you didn't draw or write ? Wouldn't that be terrible.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful poem, Judy - so poignant. The gifts of grief are many - courage, creativity, comfort - if only you allow yourself to look for them in the silver lining.

Thank you for sending me the link :)

Anonymous said...

Judy, this is amazing. You ran the full gamut of emotions here. I was thinking "a computer, canvas, living for me." But then you hurled me into loss. Wow.

lightverse said...

Wow - Judy! This is just beautiful. Even with the pain and the grief, it's beautiful.

Mr. Walker said...

I like the bravery in this poem. And the way each stanza is shorter than the one before, circling in on the reason you reveal in the last stanza: his gifts. Lovely.

Paul Andrew Russell said...

This is beautiful, Judy.

'Never will I be afraid to travel,
get out into the world, live my life loud,
fly, drive, sail away on adventures.'

Great lines to live by. :-)


Mia said...

never be afraid to live. and live with joy and hope.
this was simply incredible.