Saturday, April 9, 2011

8:09 P.M.

Lights in the house go out. The electric
company has a recording. The time is 8:09
the mechanical voice states, electricity
will return to the area at 11:09.
Nice when life is so exact. I felt let
down when the lights came on at 10:01.
There are no guarantees.


flaubert said...

There are no guarantees, Judy, with anything.


Mary said...

Ah, life is never exact..which may be for better or worse, as your poem indicates.

Elizabeth said...

I like this poem. It is all too human and real. Made me smile and know that I have done many similar things. Thanks,


anthonynorth said...

Nice to see something early for a change. Enjoyed that.

Willow said...

Interesting poem, Judy...that even a good thing can be disappointing when it reasserts that there are no guarantees.

Victoria said...

I love this poem Judy,a simple instance of the absence of guarantees and our human desire to seek them.I like hte way you went deep from an every day instance.

Agnija said...

haha! Good one. Liked it much.

Bill said...

Live in the moment. No electricity ? Stop the train and have a drink.

Mr. Walker said...

I like the twist in this poem; it made me laugh. The absurdity of that kind of exactitude, which we accept, and then feel disappointed when it doesn't go as we're told. You captured that so well.