Thursday, January 31, 2013

Life is a Treat

The best time of the day
is when he comes home.
He’s big and sees me
as soon as he comes in the door.
We play the game where he
chases me down and rubs
my belly. Then he says, “whose the
best dog in the whole wide world?”
as he lifts me high in the air.
I don't have to do anything 
he answers his own question.
“YOU are” he says, and pets me
some more. Then the best part. 

He puts me down,
goes into the room where my treat is kept.
I have to sit when he says,  I can’t
go  until he says the magic word
“COME” and I do.  I run so fast and get
so excited that I get choked up sometimes.
Then I run away to my rug
so I can eat every crumb.  I only get one a day
so sometimes I go back to my rug
to see if I left a crumb. I'll wait until
tomorrow for another treat but now
I get all the belly rubs I want.


SaraV said...

Life is a treat with a pet :-) well done!

Grace said...

How nice to have a dog life, with a treat waiting at the end of the day ~

Helen said...

This is pure delight! I can imagine a dog thinking and saying all of it. I had an English Springer for eleven years ... she was a huge part of my life.

Brian Miller said...

smiles...i know my cat likes it...he tells me all about it when i get there....smiles...its nice to think they look forward to us for more than food...smiles.

Margaret said...

....nothing like a little incentive. ;)

Peggy said...

I can picture Lexie doing this! Really she should get a treat when you come home too! Thanks for posting!!

Mary said...

What a lucky dog to have two treats to rait for at the end of the day. A human and something delicious to eat. Glad to see you at Poetry Jam, Judy.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this! But I'd have to slip him extra treats (which is why all our dogs are overweight!) I so love these poems in the voice of animals.

Loredana Donovan said...

I love dogs as much as cats. Wonderful pets. I enjoyed your poem--well written in the dog's happy voice. They live for treats and belly rubs! :)

Judy Roney said...

Peggy, Lexi did not like Bill so much at first. She was definitely my dog. We thought he would be the only one to give her a treat and she'd look forward to him being home and go to him. It worked and we've kept it up. Truely, I am glad I don't have to worry with her begging for treats from me. :)

Judy Roney said...

Sherry, for a while Bill was giving Lexi a huge treat. Vet said cut it in thirds and it was hard...not for Lexi as much as it was for Bill. LOL

Fireblossom said...

Well isn't that something? I ask my dog the very same question, and answer for him with the very same answer, every day!

D.M. SOLIS said...

Love this point of view! Well done! Thank you, peace and all good things for you in poetry and in life.


ND Mitchell said...

The voice you create puts across a real sense of companionship and love here. Nice one :)

Robyn Greenhouse said...

I think I'd have to give another treat!! cute poem!