Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breaker of Rules (I’m not)

I don’t break the rules.
Don’t cross streets
except at a crosswalk.
I’m a keeper of policy,
organization in life.

I seek others who follow, too. 
If the prompt says jump,
we all jump, don’t try to get
by with a hop or a skip.

Rules are made for us
to have a better world.
I keep to the rules and laws.
My only regret is I’m
a mind-numbing bore.


Mary said...

Judy, I have been thinking about your poem here. I wonder if you think that all people who don't break rules are mind-numbing bores. I personally don't see them as opposites. (And I also don't think you ARE a bore.)

Judy Roney said...

No, just wanted to put a spin to the poem though I do believe some people think I'm too much of a rule minder. I break the rules though but feel better when I follow them. Tee hee. I really think most of us are neither one way or another..but a combination of rule followers and breakers. This poem really isn't about me though. I tried to put something unexpected at the end ( so I wasn't following the rules exactly! LOL

Judy Roney said...
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Peggy said...

I certainly never thought of you as a bore Judy--nor as someone who was a strict rule=follower! And I agree that most of us are a combination! And I do like the ending! Thanks for posting for Poetry Jam. Take a look at my prompt just put up yesterday!

becca said...

i break a few rules like eating dessert first but i'm sure you could never be a bore you write to beautifully

Mary said...

Judy, glad this poem really wasn't about you... I do agree with you that most of us are neither rule breakers or rule followers 100%.

my heart's love songs said...

great way of describing a common misconception of those who do follow the rules as being boring. really interesting take on the prompt!

thank you for participating at Poetry Jam, Judy. {i'm sorry about the delay in visiting you!}


Victoria said...

This one surprises me Judy. I see you as such an original thinker that I could never think of you as a bore. I also never thought of you as someone who follows or breaks rules blindly but one who follows her gut.