Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sense To Me

If I could change things,
Rid the world of hate
I would.

I’d do what I could.
Give my own life
If it meant the world
Would be a safe place.

I know it doesn’t work that way
I know – I wish it did—wish there was
An answer so near at hand. But giving

My life would be in vane. So is giving up
Little bits of myself to these tragedies. I pray—
that too, may be useless, but I feel better. 
I speak up for injustices around me, speak against
Hate words I hear—that helps, but maybe just me.

I am sure that self-torment of life’s injustices
Don’t help the maligned, hated,  or murdered
Ones. I shed tears,  I vote, I stick up for the rights
Of people everywhere, I love those near me,
And I constantly try to clean out my own house.

That’s all. That’s what I can give and remain sane.


Ann said...

Very honest and poignant piece, Judy.

becca said...

wow what a piece beautiful and well written

Willow said...

Yes, Judy, we begin by "cleaning out our own house." If we all did that there would be no need to fix anything. Well done.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


If only there was a world filled with human beings with your mindset:)
Sadly it is difficult to dwell in a world of fear, war and hatred, but as the good influencers, we must remain and do what we do...
A very moving piece of writing Judy.


Victoria said...

I truly believe that speaking against hate words you hear does much more than make you feel better. You are a credible witness. When you speak up about something, people will listen and remember, whether they change their behavior immediately or not. I understand and respect your effort to keep balance - to do what you can without making you crazy.

Mary said...

We can only do what we can do for in our own corner of the world, I think. If everyone would feel the same way, it WOULD make a difference in the world for sure!

Bob Hendricks said...

Yes, I think all the little things we can do to fight hate are important. Sometimes helping an organization fighting help also works. And I agree that tragedies like the recent shootings are fruits of hate.

Lynne said...

Beautiful poem, Judy. I agree that speaking up against injustice and hateful words instead of just standing by helps. and yes, "cleaning out our own house" is a great start. Little drops=big ripples.