Sunday, August 5, 2012

Color Change

My hair was white and curly when I was young,
turned shades darker until it was chestnut --
a color in-between my dad’s and mom's.

These facts I know:  Reduction of pigment
makes hair gray .No pigment turns it white. 
Heredity plays a part, so does age. 

What I’m not sure of is what color
my hair is now.  After ten years of highlights,
the true color is unknown. I’m sure it’s changed
from brown to gray, or hopefully white. 

Mom took her time turning gray
and I assume I’ll be the same.
My paternal grandparents were white haired

at an early age; beautiful silky white hair.
The maternal genes are the ugly yellow gray
that I would hide.  When I get older--

say sixty-six or so,  I think I will stop dying
my hair so I’ll know, whether I’ve covered up something
beautiful, or if I'll continue to enhance.


Ann said...

This makes me smile, Judy, reminds me of a Christine Lavin song, gonna make friends with my gray hair! I will be curious what your decision will be.

Victoria said...

I especially like the question in the last line, which I think applies to many situations. "Have I covered something beautiful or continued to enhance?"

becca said...

aw what a sweet one this is made me smile

Mary said...

It would be hard for me to imagine you with either grey or white hair. If I were a betting person, I would be willing to bet on what your decision would be. LOL.

Lynne said...

Fun poem, Judy. Your hair is beautiful and suits you so well, but I understand the curiousity of what's underneath. Reminds me of the old commercial..."only her hairdresser knows for sure ..."