Friday, September 21, 2012

Birth of a Poem

Birth of a poem comes
slowly even when the idea
is inspired. The labor
to find the right word
line breaks, and stanzas
does not come quickly
or easily. The pain
of editing is different
with each poem.
There are changes
some rearranged, then
critique groups or editors
are called to solve
problems I don't even see.
With this push, I finally
have a finished poem.
Don't read it again...submit!


Mary said...

I think a poet has to trust his/her gut when it comes to line breaks and stanzas.

I also believe that if a poet lets a poem rest overnight and comes back to it in the morning he/she will see what needs to be changed or rearranged.

It is nice to see you writing in your blog again, Judy.

Victoria said...

I especially like the idea of pushing a poem out - "Dpon't read it again, submit."

Ann said...

So very true, Judy.

Sherrie said...

Sometimes the edits improve; other times they just get in the way of the rawness and honesty. I guess the hardest part is knowing which choice to make.

SANTIAGO said...

Clever poem! Nice.