Sunday, November 20, 2011

Best Ever

He decided he’d go with me to the mall

after we had breakfast at his favorite spot.

The back-ups that lead to the Bucs stadium

went for miles.  We forgot about that.

We sang old songs and poked along.

At  the mall we parked in the overflow lot,

walked around holding hands and sharing soda.

Saw Santa Claus in his ice palace, heard the squeals

from children, grumbles from adults that it's too soon.

Such a magical time, the times I spend with Bill.


Mary Mansfield said...

very sweet!

Ann said...

This is beautiful, Judy and says a lot about both of you that you can sing and laugh in the midst of frustration. Jack just curses in traffic jams LOL!

Mary said...

Judy, wonderful to appreciate the moments, the small moments! I know you do that.

Shersim said...

Only you could find beautiful feelings in being stuck in traffic or listening to adults grump about Christmas. Such a wonderful poem!

Peggy said...

What a wonderful romantic you are! Bill is a lucky man!!