Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whenever I Shop

The world gets smaller.
No crime, starving children,
no touchy conversations.
A kaleidoscope of color, whirls.
Melodious background voices, calm.
No aches, no pains, no work.
Just shop, smile, be, hunt, enjoy.
Melt away in a daze of joyous
Sights, sounds, and kinetic energy.


Heavens2Betsy said...

This is delicious Judy - you really transported me! Thinking of you ... penny x

Mary Mansfield said...

You truly captured the sweet escape a day of shopping can bring. Nicely done!

Ann said...

Now I understand your love of shopping much better, Judy. Maybe I'll try again...but not black Friday. Will you start at midnight?

Willow said...

Judy, I need you to teach me to shop. I'm so poor at it.

Judy Roney said...

Ann, no midnight shopping. Sometimes Igo out on black Friday just to be with the crowd and sometimes i but something that's a great deal but only if it stares me in the face. I don't try to shop for anything in particular. Too much for me. :)
I enjoy it all, but not when it is competition.
I do like to be in all that energy though. Take my time, walk from the outter parking lots (excercise) and get something, one thing that appeals. (I am very leisurely on black Friday. Not in the game at all. :)

Judy Roney said...

Belle, I remember trading days with Jean. I took her shopping here and she took me bird watching and into nature there. That was a fun time. You and I will have to exchange interests like that.

Mary said...

I truly am not the shopper you are, Judy. My favorites are Target and Goodwill. LOL. With Walmart thrown in. Online is another story. Give me Amazon.com, and set me loose in the App store. I haven't done Black Friday in a bit. Maybe I will this year, just to experience the BUZZ!