Thursday, October 27, 2011

Until The Words Flow

Writer’s block stops me, holds me poised
over PC or pad.  It’s not for lack of interest,
the harder I try, the less I produce. Perhaps
it is that I am drawn to rest, I find sitting here

appealing from time to time? My purpose is to write,
but my mind wanders, coffee cup in hand, I think of
checking facebook, my email, see what my writing group
is producing, or if anyone commented on my blog. I need to sit

with purpose, begin with stream of consciousness until the words
flow freely, I see a few seeds sown that has possibility, might grow
into a poem.  Perhaps writer’s block is more my own doing than I can
admit. I’ll think about it over another cup of coffee, maybe mocha this time.


Mary said...

Yes, I do think writers' block is of one's own doing for the most part. I truly believe in D's philosophy of using bum glue. Wandering mind is a good thing. I think one's mind has to wander to produce poetry. But one has to sit in place. Not always easy, but rewarding. Good poem, Judy.

Ann said...

Definitely mocha against blocks, Judy!

Peggy said...

Oh I do have those times as well Judy. E-mails and FB are so distracting I often forget what I sat at the computer to do!!

Victoria said...

there's something really unique about your honesty, the way you own your behaviors, all of them. I agree about building our own writer's blocks.

Kim Nelson said...

That second stanza perfectly illuminates all the distractions we can find when the muse leaves us behind. So true to life.

Anonymous said...

interesting how different people attack the block

Poetry and Icecream said...

Lol, I can so relate to this. I love your honesty :)

Ella said...

I love how you the thought process, trying to figure it out~ Yes, mocha will cure you! ;D I like your fresh approach~

Willow said...

LOL, Judy, wonderful, honest, journey though what is "writers' block."

Dave King said...

This has the ring of truth. I understand the distractions you list. You work them into the poem with great skill.

Lynne said...

Sometimes at this point I end up snoozing (ending up with keyboard forehead), and then return rejuvenated, Juey. I like your poem!