Sunday, October 30, 2011

I See

her subterfuge is canny
but i see through it now
know she isn't going
to do what she says

i won't be blind to her
can't let her have another day
hold me captive with her lies
and promises to do better

my feelings i will honor
if she shows up i'll be glad
but now  i know her
will not dream she will change


Mary said...

Judy, this is a hard lesson and sad, but realistic. You have come to terms with it. One just has to realize sometimes that people WILL not change, perhaps CANNOT change. I appreciate your 'gut level' poetry.

Victoria said...

Painful. To be glad if someone comes through and not count on that behavior is so hard, especially with womeone close.

Ann said...

A very difficult thing, letting go in this way, a real loss, but definitely good for your health.

Shersim said...

And can I guess she made you feel small, hence the small i's?

Lynne said...

It's so disappointing, isn't it. Good poem expressing your feelings, Judy.

morning said...

beautiful, hope that your writing has erased much pain.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

Happy Halloween,

Thanks for your amazing support to our community,

you rock.