Saturday, May 7, 2011

Why Not

Three questions plague me.
Why, why, why
are some people tortured
in this life, get sick, or die.
I know there are no answers
or perhaps too many
different for each occasion
of  pain, hurt, and death.

When I get to the point
I don’t care about the why
of things I might even ask
why not?


Mary said...

These questions plague me too, Judy. I just don't understand. I don't think I will ever say "Why not?" but who should never say never.

Judy Roney said...

I know what you mean, Mary. A therapist answered me once when I had asked why me many times, "why NOT you?" It's something I've wrestled with since. Why wouldn't it be me..I'm not any more special that the others it happens to. I didn't get it then but I'm more accepting of it now after so many years of wrestling with it.

Willow said...

I have read this too, "why not you." I think it is a valid response to a valid question, "why me." It just is, once again the luck of the draw, a crap shoot, a lottery ticket. And, we would not wish on anyone else what we are going through, but to ask "why me" is to ask "why not you?" We don't want to ask that, wish the bad on anyone else. Some ask why they are so blessed... "why me?" So, I think it is a natural response.

Willow said...

Oops, "why not me" was the question, and yes, why not me.

Victoria said...

I gave up on thinking there are reasons for suffering a long time ago, or for good fortune either. I don't ask why me or why not, just what to do next. I find the "why?" too painful and unrewarding.

Jingle said...

amazing wonders, bless you.
well put.

sweet pea. said...


Walt Wojtanik said...

My answer is simple: Because, because, because. Another Roney Rhyme, write on, Judy!

Judith C Evans said...

Lovely! How true that these simple questions persist and overwhelm us at times.

Peggy said...

Yes the unanswerable questions, Judy, both why and why not. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Why not - I like that conclusion!