Saturday, May 7, 2011


It’s the season of joy,
rebirth and awakenings
in perfect weather.  People
get the fever and want
to dance or climb trees.

I am treated to the best
show on earth each day
as I watch the flora
and greenery blossom,  
unravel,  unveil right
in front of me. Bravo!


Mary said...

It must be beautiful there. Our weather here yet hasn't made me want to dance! However, it is said we will reach 70 degrees on Wednesday, so maybe then!

Stan Ski said...

Sounds like you're having a really good one.

The Poet said...

I like to dance whatever the season (smile).
Beautiful imagery.
Thanks for sharing.

vivinfrance said...

What a lovely cheery poem.

flaubert said...

Judy, I love how you have described the scene. I lived in Florida before moving to Mexico, and though it is hot most of the year, there is a magic in the fauna. Nice piece.


Willow said...

Wonderful celebratory poem, Judy.

Andy Sewina said...

Yeah nicely! I wanna climb trees!!

Victoria said...

Happy spring to you.

anthonynorth said...
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anthonynorth said...

Yes, it's a great time.

Harry Nicholson said...

Those butterflies! We can hear the hiss on wings.

Unknown said...

amazing, bless you.

have a lovely Mother's Day.

Anna :o] said...

Love this time of year too!

Anna :o]

Anonymous said...

Great work on the prompt, Judy, it made me smile. "People get the fever," all right, and so do the animals! Keep smiling, Amy
Here's mine on that prompt:

Peggy said...

Wonderful description of spring season, Judy. I do love all the blossoms of spring.