Monday, April 4, 2011

The Nail Tech

She has a full time job
at a high pressure agency,
middle management
where she always
runs at 100%.

She works part time
at a salon where she
pampers women and men
and de-stresses from all
the corporate world bullshit.

She wants to do nails
full time, wants to retire
after 25 years at the company,
follow her dream, to pamper
and make women beautiful.
She was meant to be
a nail tech.


Victoria said...

happy transformation well described.

Mary said...

This reminds me of a certified nursing assistant I met recently. She had already had a bachelor's and master's degree in marketting, but she quit her well paying job to go back to school to become a nurse. First step was CNA, where she was making 1/10 th money she had made in marketting, but she said she was SOOOO much happier! Nice poem, Judy. Point well made.

Judy Roney said...

I can understand this, Mary. We have to be happy with what we do in life. I think our happiness will show in our work. I know of few in my life that actually take that scary step to do what they want when they are making good money in a job that is not fulfilling.

Anonymous said...

Go for it...Be happy... :)

Peggy said...

Wonderful description of this mid-life transformation for Jeni. I hope she can follow that dream all the way.

Kim Nelson said...

I believe in the commonly-heard yoga mantra "Follow your Bliss."

Anonymous said...

It can be a wonderful thing to know firmly what you want to do in life.

A great story of a nail tech.

Willow said...

I can see Jeni loving giving her gifts to people in need a stress lowering, vs being one of those in need...

flaubert said...

Reminds me of my present life, Judy. English teachers don't make loads of money in Mexico, but I couldn't happier to be away from the hectic life. Nicely stated piece.