Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Ms. three year old drops back onto the sidewalk.
Her eyes look right through me, is she in shock,
terrified of the characters, or going to pass out.

Her arm is extended, her hand lays limp from the wrist,
a stroke? My husband sees her then, grabs her up.
Jeni, are you okay? he asks her but gets no answer.

We are in the middle of a parade at Disney World,
where can we get help? Then in the tiniest of voices
she gasps, He kissed my hand, Goofy kissed my hand!

Like a teen at an idols’ concert, her smile begins to spread
and takes over her face. Her look is that of someone who
is in total disbelief. She holds out her hand to me.

Mommy, Goofy kissed my hand! She pulls away from me
when I try to touch. No, that hand, that kiss is all hers.


Anonymous said...

What a cute story, Judy. Your 'goofy' poem made me smile.

Mary said...

Anonymous was me, Judy. Sorry.

Marianne said...

What an adorable, heart-warming story!

sharplittlepencil said...

So sweet, especially the "don't touch my hand" part. You can only get these moments in real life!

Here's mine:

Thanks, Judy! Amy

Ron. said...

Good tale. I feel the same way about Minnie. What a hottie!

Willow said...

Wonderful, precious memory.

Andy Sewina said...

Nicely recorded! You can't beat the things kids say!

Elizabeth said...

Love the whole piece, how you plotted it out, and that small touch of withdrawing her hand, really great,


lunawitch15 said...

to have that wonder and innocence again.
this was great!

irisinbloom said...

One of my fav prompts that Robert has ever posted. We all had fun with it. Great visual as I feel like I was there. Iris

Victoria said...


Gloria said...

Lovely and sweet...I especially loved the ending.