Sunday, April 3, 2011

This Life

  What if I hadn’t been born?
My husband would have found
another wife, better or worse suited.
He would have done fine
because he is the person he is.

  My children wouldn’t have been born.
They would never fret, worry, or grieve.
They wouldn’t have known existence,
it wouldn’t hurt them not to be here.

  My friends would tighten their circle
because I wouldn’t be there, they wouldn’t
feel an absence, their circle would feel
as complete and their friendships as strong.

  I’d like to believe that while I’m here I make
a difference. That my husband believes
I’m am the love of his life and he can’t imagine
his life without me. My daughters would
feel incomplete without me now no matter
how old they are when I leave this earth. My son
believed I was the best mom and no one loved
him like I did, He was right. When he died
he would not have a mother to grieve for him
the way I did, the way I have, the way I do.

  My friends would be sad without me as I would
be without them. Our circle would be incomplete
with one of us gone, if I weren’t there. No one
would take the place of me, or them. I’d like
to think they would smile when they thought of me
because I made them happy in some ways.

  I like to believe that since I’m here, I make
a difference.That lives are better incrementally
and sometimes monumentally in family and friends.
I want to make some laugh from time to time,give
out gifts of smiles, a kind word, support or
acceptance to each person I come into contact
with. This life is short. I want to be diligent.


Anonymous said...

Very thoughtfully done! And yes...I, too, hope to be diligent in all I was meant to be. Thanks for sharing from your heart. ~Paula

Mary said...

Judy, you definitely do make a difference in the lives of people who know you. And you are right, if you weren't here in our circle of friends, NO ONE could take your place. You definitely make life better for people who know you. Yes, life is short.

Willow said...

Ah, Judy, the sweet and the bittersweet, all stirred up together in this thing you've known as life. Well thought through, complete.

Peggy said...

I like the way your mind wandered here and there in this Judy, like a musing on the topic. I too thought it a challenging prompt.

Mr. Walker said...

Thoughtful and moving. I appreciate the honesty of grief and diligence that you confronted.

Jingle Poetry said...

hard work do pay off.

beautiful message...

do come to poetry potluck...

LKHarris-Kolp said...

Beautiful piece, Judy. You do make a difference!


Anonymous said...

great write! my potluck..

Jingle said...

divine sentiments.


Happy Potluck.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

working on placing your blog link to our blog roll at Jingle Poetry.

appreciated your input.