Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Ain’t

I don’t know how long it takes
to know, really know
not make the same mistakes
let them go
let them be who they are
no matter what choices
my grown children make
it ain’t none of my business

I try to change them
make them fit in a mold
of perfection
embracing them for their
individuality is my goal
wherever that takes them
it ain’t none of my business

I’ll give them my gift
acceptance for who they are
I’ll let them fly
I’ll be their cheerleader
not critique what they do, cause
it ain’t none of my business

if they ask for my help
ask my opinion
want to know my thoughts
ask for my advice
I’ll be there, otherwise
it ain’t none of my business.


Mr. Walker said...

I'm very far away from relating to your dilemma - my children are still very much at home - but I like the questioning going on in the first stanza, that even when they're grown you still don't know. I like the honesty of that.

irene said...

I can identify with that letting go, just empowering them as best you can and letting them go.

Lynne said...

I can surely relate to your poem, Judy. Easier said than done, though, at least for me!

Victoria said...

I love the voice here, your voice.

Anonymous said...

Judy, great poem. It's hard to let go, but I did teach Riley about some of the mistakes I made that wasted the most time, like drugs, while most of my friends lied and told their kids they never smoked a joint in their lives! Honestly is best, then be sympathetic when the phone call comes your way...

Mary said...

Sometimes it is really hard to step back, isn't it, and just let adult children make own decisions, live own lives without parental stepping in.

Elizabeth said...

Hard, but honest facing off with parental reality. Distance can make a lot of difference. Your poem speaks to many.


flaubert said...

Judy, I share your sentiments, completely here. Well said.


Marianne said...

"It ain't none of my business" - that should be my mantra! I can so relate to your poem. My children are grown and gone.

Glenda said...

Judy, my parents must have had the same thoughts. When I went home as a young married and complained about my husband as we were trying to learn how to live together, my mother listened but never took sides. She never spoke against him and neither did my father. How wise they were. We worked out our problems and lived a happy 45 years together.