Sunday, April 17, 2011

“Judy Evelyn Roney”

This was a difficult prompt:  Write a social media bio.  Here goes; all about me. :)

Married for forty-one years to Bill
and looks forward to the next forty
or so. She has two daughters and one
son,  four granddaughters, three great
grandsons, and one great granddaughter.

Her daughters are following their
dreams right now. Her son died
at the age of twenty-three.  Since his
death it’s been a rough road from
unimaginable grief to a deep sadness
which she finds she can bear.  She plans
to write about that.

Judy is originally from Tennessee but
now splits her time between the ocean
of Florida and the mountains of North

She is a poet, writer, painter, photographer,
and an avid reader.  That is, when she’s not
traveling, seeing her family, or meeting her
friends. She has been known to join groups
just to make friends and go out to eat.

She laughs most days and enjoys each day
of her life.  She feels like the luckiest
of women. “Life is good”, but that’s not her
motto, her motto is “It is What It Is”
because it just is.


Mary said...

So often I think of your "It is what it is," Judy! You can't argue with that. Wonderful portrait.

Victoria said...

I'm fortunate to know this woman and her true love too. Well written.

Ann said...

This is so YOU, Judy. You have capture many of your wonderful pieces!

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...

I'd just like to say what a delight it was to read this beautifully composed biography, to tell the story of you and your life.
Overwhelming good things, although tinged with the sadness and memory of your dear son.
Thank you Judy for your bravery and kindness, in sharing, you with me!
All good wishes, Eileen

Peggy said...

Judy a bio would be very difficult to put into a poem but you captured yourself well. So many elements of the talented and caring person you are. Hugs.