Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Everyone Deserves A Friend Who Makes Them Laugh

JoAnn made me laugh
I could open the door and see her
standing there and I’d crack up.
We both would. We had that effect
on each other.  We got thrown out
of places for laughing, like the court
house in Tampa or a department store.

We weren’t young women, we knew
better, but she said the funniest things.
We laughed mostly at ourselves. Our kids
were the same age, we had the same values,
our husbands even liked each other. We
talked each other through pits and falls,
there was a deep bond beyond the laugher.

Each friendship I have made since then, I
compared to JoAnn and the fun we had.
The realization that there is no replacement
for our close friends was a long time coming.
I wasted a lot of years searching for another
JoAnn.  I am right about one thing though,
everyone deserves a friend who makes them laugh.


Ann said...

Bless JoAnn and your friendship, Judy!

irene said...

Wonderful tribute to friendship and laughter!

Victoria said...

Sweet and true Judy/

Templeton's fury said...

these are a rarity...when you find one, dont let them go!

Anonymous said...

Well said! What a great tribute to a great friend! :)

Willow said...

I am happy for your and JoAnn...for good friends who make us laugh. Beautiful.

Danielle Mari said...

Yes! Everyone deserves a JoAnn. What a nice piece to honor your friend! My mom is my JoAnn, we've laughed inappropriately in more places than either of us cares to admit...

Mary said...

What a nice memory of a wonderful friendship. You ARE right. Everyone deserves a friend who makes them laugh.

Paul said...

So true to need a good friend to laugh with, and to recognise that they don't come along often. There is a lack of pretension in how you write that is attractive. Thanks.

glenda Beall said...

special friends like your JoAnn don't come along often so we must work to keep that relationship alive and never take each other for granted.
My sister, Gay, is my best friend and we can laugh even in the worst of times, but we can cry together as well. Bless you and JoAnn.