Friday, November 26, 2010

On The Run

From house to house
City to city
State to state
We run

We look for life
Of yesterday
To rewind, play again
If not
We run

If we find the right home
Go to the right place
We can get our life back
So we run.


Mary said...

This is a gut-level poem, Judy. A glimpse of 'inside' that only poetry can give, I think.

I remember my very first principal. He and I used to often sit and philosophize after school. I shared with him some hopes and dreams, told him I wanted to move to the 'big city.' He told me that I would find nothing more in the 'big city' than I found right there. All can by found anywhere. It is the PERSON, not the place, that makes the difference. My first principal died a few years ago. We exchanged Christmas cards for decades, but I always remembered these words that he spoke when I was only 21.

We cannot run away from ourselves.

Bill said...

I like what Mary wrote. I am running out of breath Honey.

Judy Roney said...

So true, Mary. I see that you and I had similar visions for the prompt of running. I like what your principal said. It's a good thing to remember. I'm so glad you had this friendship with him for the rest of his life.
Bill, I know, I'm tired, too. :)

Mary said...

Nice seeing Bill in your blog, Judy! Hope you both are catching your breath now and settling in for the long haul!

Diane T said...

Judy, I hope that this time you have run to the right place!

Judy Roney said...

Mary, I am thrilled to that Bill is reading my poetry and blog and commenting. :0)
Diane - Thanks. I hope this is the right choice finally, too.

Peggy Goetz said...

We all run for so many reasons and you described it so well here Judy. Wonderful poetry.