Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blame It On The Season

I begin to play Christmas music
in October, go shopping when I have
nothing to buy so I can be in all
that energy that is the holidays.

I give gifts to those unsuspecting,
unexpecting. I am given the gift
of a smile or kind word and I pass
it on and on. I attend parties,
invite people to my home, make
gingerbread houses,cookies and pies,
and am driven to cook chili and soup
and cold weather comfort foods.

I become sensitive to sleighbells
and children’s laughter,decorations
and Christmas trees,holiday movies
no matter how sappy,hot cocoa
and meaningful moments with my family
and friends.

I adopt angels and families, take my
Little Sister shopping for her family,
donate dinners and clothes, foods
and blankets where I can. I decorate
the house inside for those who enter
and outside for my neighbors.All this
energy lives on and passes through
each person it touches and comes back
to me.

I believe in love in a myriad of faces,
love my family, my friends, and my fellow man.
I love this world, this country,this state,
this city, this house my husband and my dog.
I blame all this on the season.


Diane T said...

Blame it on the season - I can undertand that fully. I got an email from my oldest son and he said HE HATED HOLIDAYS! Why? Because he did not have a girlfriend or kids and it made him depressed.

Well he was so supportive of me, he made me feel good. He said never give up - a lesson I taught HIM.

Judy Roney said...

That's sad that your oldest son gets depressed on the holidays. I can understand that; I know a lot of people do get that way. I know I was for many years but I have come to believe that it can be a just requires a lot of work at first. How touching that he is so supportive of you..he is right..NEVER give up. Good advice that just came around. :)

Peggy Goetz said...

Wow Judy, this poem on the holiday season just radiates energy and I can picture you doing it all! You are definitely the spirit to be around for the holidays.

Victoria said...

Judy, I love the love and energy in this poem. You do know how to share a smile in any season. I'm wearing the soft socks you gave me last spring. You have a gift for gifts - and Diane, I'm touched to read that your oldest son is supportive of you despite his holiday depression. You are a great teacher of "Never give up."

Willow said...

This has to be the best blame that could ever be. Th only truly legitimate blame ever. Perfect, beautiful, thank you Judy.

Anonymous said...

Your generosity - practical and spiritual - shines from this lovely poem. So difficult to write an un-clich├ęd piece about Christmas, but you have achieved it, in spades.

Wayne Pitchko said...

indeed there is lots shing through in this poem....LOVEly and thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

And what better season to expand and spread that love during Christmas? This poem is just love-filled. I like.