Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I’m in a house one third the size of the home
we had before the downsizing. Just one row
of kitchen cabinets, no extra cubby holes,
and a master closet tiny enough to make
me feel what it must be like to be harbored

in a submarine. The breakthrough for me
is the realization that I’m fine without all
that space, without all that stuff. I feel
lighter,more organized, and have less mind

muddle. Without storage, each acquisition
means a well thought out decision about where
it will go and what I will have to give up
to make space for it. I have to admit
less space is freeing


Diane T said...

Well, that is good to hear, Judy!

Mary said...

You sound satisfied with your move, which is a good thing!

Bill said...

Yea Judy !

Willow said...

I hear you Judy. I am now less afraid of the downsizing, actually looking forward to it, when the day comes. I think lots of closets makes us acquire more things, encourages us to horde. I liked living in NYC where I couldn't do that. I liked getting rid of all the accumulated "stuff" to move there...except for the books I had to give up. Your poem is right on in expressing what was, what is and you being ok with what is. It's like a purse, big, its full of heavy stuff, small it has the essentials, doesn't wear on you.

Mary said...

I do wish it were easier to get rid of stuff. I threw all of my cassette tapes in the trash today. Haven't listened to them in decades. I can't get rid of my 'vinyl' though. Sentimental. I guess my kids will have to dispose of them some day. I've carted off a bunch of books to "Half Price Books" too. No poetry books though.

Diane T said...

I do think we acquire 'stuff' to take up all the available space. It can happen SO easily.

Judy Roney said...

Willow, you learned that lesson earlier than I..the lesson that less is best as far as our accumulations in our homes. Still doesn't make it any easier to get rid of. I'm still in that process. Strange that I haven't missed a single thing I struggled over ridding myself of.
Mary, I know you are going through the same thing. I feel for you and understand how hard it is to get rid of even the things that you haven't used in so long. I'm working on my clothes now...oh, my!!!

Peggy Goetz said...

So very true Judy. If only we could all learn this before we collect so much stuff! Less mind muddle would be good!

Victoria said...

I like paring down too, and have been, though with more people in the same house rather than with a smaller house. I especially like your "harbored in a submarine" image.