Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We're Odd

The prompt was about an odd combination. Since Bill and I just celebrated our thirty-ninth anniversary and I wanted to write about us, this is what came.

We are an odd combination
he is outdoorsy, I’m inside
he likes beer, I’m wine
he likes cars, I don’t
he’s a scorpio, I’m cancer
he’s a get it out, I’m a pouter
he’s devout, I’m a searcher
he loves the beach, I like the mountains
he doesn’t like ice cream, I think he’s nuts
he loves bread, I eat sweets
he loves spicy, I like mild
he has five sisters, I have five brothers
he reads history, I read fiction
he’s type A, I’m type Z
he’s a go getter, I’m a napper
he’s a get er done, I’m a thinker
he’s a night person, I like the mornings
he hates poetry, I write it
he loves music, I think it’s noise
he doesn’t want dogs, I want two
he likes fast food, I like meat and potato
he comes from love, I come from abuse
he’s a neat freak, I’m more relaxed
he works things out, I think them to death
I don’t know, maybe what people said is
true, maybe this marriage won’t last.Ha!

Judy Roney


Mary said...

Judy, I love this poem.... It is a nice anniversary poem for Bill and you, I think. LOL. I do think it WILL last!

Diane T said...

Ha! This marriage is definitely going to last, lol. You make up for each other, tee hee! Seriously, I love the specific things you pointed out, and how you did it.

Peggy said...

I like this poem of you and Bill, Judy. You make a great odd couple in my book!

Peggy said...

Tried to post this comment a few minutes ago but it disappeared. I will try again. I do like this poem of you and Bill, a great odd couple.