Thursday, April 30, 2009

It Never Fails

Never does it fail me
tears gather
a feeling of bliss,sheer
wonder at the sight, my
first glimpse of the mountains
as I take that bend in the road.

Never does it fail me
I have to share the feelings
the miraculous sights here,
this place in the north west
of North Carolina.

Never does it fail me
the splendor of being here
in a house that sits upon a mountain
over looking more of the same
right into infinity.

Never does it fail me
amaze and delight me
the feeling deep and soft
that these mountains are spiritual
that I’ve come home again.


Victoria said...

Beautiful poem of your beautiful spirit mountains. I don't have one place like that, that is HOME.

Judy said...

That really surpises me, V. I know how you love nature and the ocean and how long you have been in your home.

Nancy Simpson said...
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Nancy Simpson said...

Welcome Home Judy.

"into infinity" takes my breath away.

I too was called to these mountains back in the sixties and here I am to this day.

I hope to see you while you are in the western Carolina mountains.

ang said...

i love the mountains you have brought the feeling back with your words, who can say there is no God looking at the beauty of mountains or the splendor of the vast ocean.

Peggy said...

Thank you for the link again Judy. I do love reading your poems here. This one about coming home to NC is wonderful. You have such a talent for feeling at home in different places. Though I can see how it would not be too hard in such a lovely place. Enjoy your month.

Bill said...

Takes you to a different world. What a great excape.

Bill said...

It is such a great escape. I think you will always have a little of the mountains in you.