Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Comes to the Mountains

The sun rays wake me first
as they peep over the green
topped mountains. Cotton candy
clouds lie low in the valleys
waiting for the sun to eat them up,
to reveal the city below.

The first sound I hear is a cacophany
of birds. I see a cardinal on a thin limb of
an elm outside my window. The leaves
are the transparent yellow green of
spring against the pure white of dogwoods
in full bloom looking like a mass of brides
dotting the countryside.

The creek is heavy with the April rains
and the symphony of the rushing water
accompanies the sweet bird songs that
reach me. I witness this paradise each
morning as I awaken to spring in the

Judy Roney
May 6, 2009


Victoria said...

I like your spring images, especialy "the crek is heavy."

Mary said...

You have really nailed spring in the mountains, I think. I can 'feel' it by your words. I love the picture of cotton candy clouds being eaten by the sun.

Peggy said...

Beautiful spring poem Judy. Glad to see you posting your work. You are so gifted in describing your vision of the world. And congratulations again on having you Autumn poem accepted for the anthology!

Bill said...

I think you underestimate this poem. It gives a beautiful description of morning in the mountains. Good job !