Thursday, April 9, 2009

Finding Home

When I first saw this house on the Internet,
one of hundreds the realtor sent us,
I called my husband in Florida and told him,
this is it, this is my house! Go get it for me, OK?
I was serious though I knew how absurd I sounded.

I waited for such a long time for the phone
call to come. Finally when he called it was
to tell me that he went by and was sure I
wouldn’t like the house. We’ll keep looking
he said. I’m sure its gone by now.

I couldn’t believe he didn’t trust me and my
intuition. I was certain about that house, I
was disappointed that we didn’t get it. We
never did see another house that we liked.

On a Sunday drive we passed by a house
out in the country. I yelled at Bill to stop.
That’s my house, I told him. He realized it
was the house I had asked him to buy me.

There was no for sale sign but he approached
the owner and found it was for sale…still.
We walked in and I had a grip on my husbands
arm that he said had him in pain. This was my
house and we got it that day. I didn’t really
even have to see the inside.

1 comment:

Mary said...

What a wonderful and surprsing memory this was! I never had heard the story before of just how you found your house/