Friday, April 10, 2009


Friday night, end of the work week,
date night with dinner and movies
out, or a party at some club.

Then pizza and movie night
as the kids grew up, the beginning
of family time. We’d watch the kids play
sports and have BBQ’s with friends.
We’d visibly shed the week when we
walked in the door on Friday afternoons.

Friday nights have changed again.
It’s the night I cook dinner at home
or have friends over; restaurants
are too crowded and I’d rather stay in.
We’ll have a sip of wine, cuddle on the couch,
laugh at the dog who vies for our attention,
watch a show, and still celebrate family
in a way that suits us now.


Mary said...

This is one of my favorite poems of yours in April so far. You HAVE captured Friday in a unique the celebration of "Friday" has changed through the years. Your way of celebrating Friday NOW gives me the feeling of warmth and relaxation!

Glenda C. Beall said...

Judy, I really relate to this poem. Like you, we used to have date night, go out, dinner and dance, and over the years Friday night has changed. Now we eat at home, settle in front of the TV, and our dog and cat often bring us a smile.
We don't like to get dressed to go out, wait in line for restaurant, or have to drive on dark mountain roads. But our Friday nights are just as special to us as they used to be. I enjoy your blog.

Bill said...

Not a bad way to enjoy the evening. works for me.