Friday, November 21, 2008

PAD20 - Foreshadowing (PAD 3) and then the rest of the story

November 4 - Bliss
I left a message on my husband’s
cell. Our daughter is engaged
and happy, our son has graduated
college and landed the job he
hoped for. Our job is done. Life
doesn’t get any better than this I
sing into my cell phone to let him
know I look forward to this new
chapter of our lives. I wish I could
take it back, the total abandon, the pure
bliss, the moment when all is perfect.

November 5 - Horror
My husband and my brother walked in
my brother looked ashen and my husband ghostly
white and blotched , set in a grimace hard to read.
I’d never seen him like this before.
He began to speak as he closed in on me
his mouth opened and moved but I heard nothing
come out, no sound, just a roaring in my ears.

I put out my hand to stop him from coming closer
my daughter was dropped off by a friend from work
I saw her come in and then saw her collapse to
the floor whailing, whailing like someone
had speared her through the heart. I clasped my
hands over my ears and waited for some sanity
to seep in.

Had everyone gone crazy, was I crazy. I heard
the words, “Brian is dead”. I heard them again
and realized that was the roar in my head. I kept
everyone at bay while I made my way to the phone
stepped over my daughter on the floor and tried to
reaassure her, Honey, they don’t know Brian, they
don’t know him, its not true. Don’t worry
I’ll take care of things, I’ll call him now. His phone
kept wringing and I kept trying. I realized he
had probably gone to one of his friends house so
I got out the old brown leather address book and
began to make the calls.
People began to arrive, family I hadn’t seen in years
I was so tired, too tired to even chat with them.
I’d have to settle this in the morning after a good nights
sleep. Every one was acting irrationally today. Things
would be better in the morning.
Of course things got worse, much worse as the shock
wore off and I had to plan for a funeral of my only son.
Judy Roney

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SeaStar said...

The foreshadowing poem just kills me - knowing what came next, and the honest description of the day of horror ishonestly and strongly rendered. I am so glad you are writing and pulling together these loss poems. I really believe they are important for other learners.