Tuesday, November 18, 2008

PAD 17 - Another Love Story

Robert Frank

My brother Bob
my hero when I was young
I always looked up to him. He,
a man self possessed with an ability
to meet life head on was my hero
because of the kind of man he was
his character was strong and honest
the fact that he walked this earth

was comfort enough for me. Ten
months older than I, my only older
brother the buffer between me and
the world of knocks ,bumps and downright
dirty and evil stuff. I see us in our
infancy all white headed and precious
twin-like apparitions exploring the
world in shorts and summer dresses. How
he was protective as we grew up. Nothing
could touch us there, we looked out for
each other, but he was more capable. he
had faults, he'd be the first to tell you,
we all do. He wasn't the best of a lot
of things, but he was the best he could
be, even when damaged by life and his own
vice, I always knew he was doing his best.

Life is not the same without my older brother
without even the illusion of protection
against the bumps and dumps in life. Before
he died he told me he’d let me know how he
was if he could, he’d hug my son for
me. He said he was tired and ready for the
rest of the story. All I ever wanted for Bob
was for him to be here, to be happy and at
peace. I believe he is. I love you
Robert Frank. You were my teacher, my confidant,
my protector, my hero. You still are.

Judy Roney

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Mary said...

I'm so glad you wrote this poem about Bob; and I am so glad you had him for a big brother!