Monday, November 17, 2008

PAD 16 - If, I

If I Were Young Again

If I were thirty again
I wouldn’t mess with a year
of angst over turning thirty
I would rejoice that I wasn’t
fourty yet and live thirty like
the celebration it is.

If I were fourty again
I’d go celebrate with flowers
maybe a thousand yellow and pink
buds to show how lucky I am to be
not yet fifty.
If I were fifty again
I wouldn’t run off to Memphis to spend
the day at Graceland alone to relive the
50’s and 60’s . I’d be so happy to be fifty,
not yet sixty, that I’d spend the day living
large in the 90’s.

If I were sixty again
I would feel fortunate to be sixty
I’d plan the day surrounded with
family and friends who would know how
young I feel to be sixty instead of seventy.

I feel so lucky to be sixty-one today. I’ve
only six more months to enjoy it so I want
to embrace these months for the joy they are
and delight that I am not yet sixty-two.

Judy Roney


Mary said...

Judy, I am thrilled with your poetry blog. I think you will be very happy that you have it. For one thing, if your computer crashes, your words will be preserved.

Thinking of this poem, isn't interesting how we fretted about some of the earlier decades! And now we are in our 60's. I don't think about it often; and when I do it feels 'okay,' but I am not looking forward to being 70 in some years.

Judy said...

Mary, what a great benefit blogging will be. I had not thought that if the computer *I almost think WHEN* crashes, I'll have my poetry. Really like that idea. Thanks.