Monday, November 17, 2008

PAD 15 - Nightmare

Nightmare Run

I run through the tunnel
charcoal dark and festered
with rats and filth unspeakable
The monster is after me
all I see is one hairy arm
and veiny hands reaching
reaching out for me
all I hear are the grunts
rumbling through the cave
and my fear as tangible as
all that I see and smell.

I’ve given out, my breaths
hurt down into my ribs
piercing pain but not as
bad as the fear of the monster.

I spot a ray of light
just up ahead and the
adrenaline pulses through me.
I’m going to make it
Thank God, I’ve made it.
I arrive at the opening and
look up and see no one
waiting, no one there to
run to, no one there with
open arms to see me, so
I stop running.

Judy Roney

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