Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow White

Architectural bodies
gather, float to show
what is perfection in form
and motion.  Soft silhouettes
pirouette on the mountainous
terrain like ballerinas.

All that is  beauty
drifts, builds
to a crescendo
until all the world
is cleansed in the purity
of white flakes.

The winter sun
appears as if on cue,
spotlights them all
and they are transformed
to a dazzling diamond
radiance.  What a performance.
What a show of beauty
and grace. Bravo!


Shersim said...

Beautiful, Judy. Such a softness and appreciation for the beauty of a snowy moonlit night in your poem.

Mary said...

Judy, I especially like your second stanza..just beautifully expressed. What a wonderful way to express the beauty of snowflakes.

Lynne said...

Ah Judy, this is beautiful, magical really. Mother Nature can be so fickle, yet she can be so doggone amazing!

Bob Hendricks said...

Well said. I want to come to that show. We so rarely get it in central Texas.

Judy Roney said...

Same here in Florida, Bob. I'm glad I have occasion to see it in NC but rarely am there at the right time.