Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Between Two and Four

I disappear around two p.m.
Down time
is a stretch of time after
work out, errands, meetings,
writing, painting, lunch.
Then I fade to a beige caramel
melting…into the color of my walls.
No one can reach me -
I am gone.  My eyes
flicker, heart begins to beat
again - first signs I’m coming back.
I revive, become alive after
four.  I‘m ready…


Mary said...

I like the words 'fade to a beige carmel melting...into the color of my walls.' Really gives the idea of the down time that is so necessary to revive oneself in the middle of a busy day. That kind of disappearing for a while can be refreshing.

Shersim said...

I love those words also, beige-caramel-melting. I can see you sinking into comfortable relaxation.

Peggy said...

Beautiful description Judy. I could feel your fade!

Lynne said...

Love this, Judy. Made me want to set aside 2-4 in my own life. beige-caramel-melting..... bliss.

Bill said...

I read one time where if a person will totally relax at some point in the day for just 10 minutes they will be renewed. Works for me and Iam glad it works for you.