Sunday, January 26, 2014


The charcoal clouds are pregnant
with rain and distress.
The chilled breeze foretells
a day of unrest.
moss sways
from  live oaks
that  knarl their way
upward.  I watch
as leaves scatter.
The world becomes
silent except for the sound
of  shaking, breaking
trees and whistles
of warning from
the wind. It’s time.


Laurie Kolp said...

Oh, Judy... I just love this, so vivid... especially the opening.

Mary said...

It sounds as if a storm is about to take place. Your poem gives all the signs. I like the ending "It's time" as it leads the reader to know what will happen next.

Gabriella said...

Very atmospheric poem, Judy! Charcoal clouds can certainly be seen as harbingers of both 'rain and distress' and before big storms the world does seem to hold its breath and prepare for the worst.

Nicholas V said...

Wonderful depiction of a nascent storm. I like your ending very much.

Brian Miller said...

yikes...sounds like you are about to be in for a pretty nasty storm...the witch hair moss was a cool touch to set the mood...

Peggy said...

This is really quite an amazing poem, Judy! Really conveys a mood!!

Mary Ann Potter said...

So evocative and moody. Well done! I especially liked the witch's hair moss imagery.