Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kaylee D's Kitty


Bounced right into the city,
Saw a 
girl named Kaylee D
Who invited him in, tee-hee.

What would they name the itty bitty
Who sat on the couch with Kaylee D?
It’s not easy, you'll see.

They liked the names Minnie or Lettie
Until the Vet said to Kaylee D
You need a boys name, fiddly-dee!

They thought of boy names like Freddie,
Teddi and on till Kaylee D
Shouted, I have it! This kitty is Vinny D!


becca said...

love this left me smiling

Mary said...

Loved this poem about the 'itty bitty' who was named Vinny D! I enjoyed the rhyme, Judy.

Anonymous said...
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Wayne Pitchko said...

smiles indeed....nic e one and thanks for sharing