Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love My Dentists

I love going to the dentist.
Hearing the drill is enough
to make my heart
pound faster with anticipation. 
I have two dentists,
they tell me the same thing,
I won’t hurt you, and they never do.

They have small hands and start
IV meds to put me out while I’m
In the waiting room,
that way there’s never the slightest
bit of anxiety.

Crowns, root canals, implants…
a piece of cake with these two
gentle souls.  They give me
pain meds when I leave that
are highly effective and by morning
I don’t even need them.

I hear stories about painful procedures
but I’m one of the lucky ones.
I love going to the dentist!

(Prompt: Write about loving something you really don’t love at all.)


Mary said...

This is wonderful, Judy! You have captured your 'love' of dentists exceptionally well! I could ALMOST believe you. Smiles!!

Peggy said...

LOL Judy. Sounds like a good dentist visit to me!