Thursday, January 17, 2013


I don’t get Wordles

what’s the sense
of trying to make sense
of nonsensical
word patterns. When I read Wordle
poems, I easily pick out the words
poets had to use to stay true to form.

Every poetry site eventually asks
writers to write a Wordle. Some
sites are dedicated to Wordles.
I want to trust they make sense--
in an academic way? create
a new connection in the brain?
force you to connect words
we wouldn’t dream of connecting?--
How can that make sense? 

I love the name wordles. I love 
writing about Wordles and 
reading the word Wordle but 

I don’t get Wordles


Mary said...

I do like wordles because they do cause you to stretch your mental connections. In a good wordle poem, one cannot pick out the words. When I write a poem using wordle words, I sometimes surprise myself and come up with something I would not have come up with otherwise. I think a person has to wordle on a regular basis to understand.

Peggy said...

LOL Judy. I agree with Mary--in a well-done wordle poem the words do not jump out and I have seen many. I enjoy doing wordles as I do try to make new and unique connections between words and ideas and images. Sometimes they do not work for me but often they do. But we all have our own preferences and your writing is very creative without wordles!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Oh dear. And me having just struggled through doing a wordle too!