Saturday, January 19, 2013

Liars All

Who doesn’t lie? Those that say they don’t,
do.  Every writer lies.  Fiction writers the best
liars of all. Creative liars.  That’s the most

Poets lie -- embellishments are strung through
dull ornaments to provide the glitter.  We make
it difficult to discern with our turn of the word.

Even if we tell our truths-- they are ours,
not shared by others who have their own
vision of the same event.  These are the liars
that don’t know they are lying.

Does the compartment for liars need to be
reduced to only those with evil intent ?
Not the lier that says you did the right thing
when you obviously didn’t. What of, the color
of your dress compliments your eyes,
and omit the dress makes you look like
a pumpkin with a belt.
That’s a creative lie, but one of omission.

I am a liar.  I hope a creative one.  I hang
by a thread to my truth but embellish, relish
the results as my fingers type faster and I
see what I have said.  Is it a worthwhile lie?
Will it make you smile?  I love your crooked

(it would be sweet if you’d brush your teeth




Bill said...

Thank you for justifing liers.

Mary said...

I will be thinking about this. So many aspects. I will comment on only one.

I don't think a person has to say everything they think. If someone thinks Aunt Mabel's dyed black hair is unattractive, one doesn't have to say that. One can find something they do like about it and saying. Omitting hurting someone's feelings by censoring one's words doesn't make something a lie, in my opinion. I would not consider something like this a 'lie of omission.'

Mary said...

I meant to say that one could say that they liked the STYLE of the hair, NOT mentioning the color, if one liked the style! Somehow my words went down wrong.

Judy Roney said...

Exactly, Mary. That's how I feel. But when I got into liers I wasn't sure how much to include. That's is on the one side (omission as lies) and the other side is lies that hurt others or pathological lies. I think there is a definition but every time I would write about lies I think I would look at it differently. The one constant for me is that I do think everyone lies. :)

Peggy said...

Quite excellent Judy--now I am going to be checking all my comments for lies I did not even know I was telling! And you are right I think that in most cases kindness trumps truth. And we do each have own own truths.

Ann said...

You have me thinking even more on this tricky subject, Judy. Thanks.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, an interesting poem AND discussion following. I like what Peggy says - that kindness trumps truth. Peggy, that would make a great poem!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Social lies - hard to avoid. No, it doesn't look big in that.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...