Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Mother with son --
each gesture noted.
Will envy ever leave?

It’s not true then…
home is a haven.
Will my searching end now?

New Year begins.
It’s still not over.
Will he always be dead?

((A Questionku. New short poem form from Richard Lamourex)


Peggy said...

The questionku must be a form I have not heard of but you did make a very strong poem whatever the form. I think that question would last for ever actually. Hugs

Mary said...

Judy, this poem takes my breath away. I think sometimes questions have no answers....even though we wish they did.

Ann said...

This is great writing, Judy, and it's fun to hear of a new form and eventually try it. You raise a good question, one that probably has no answer but can get the thought process going.

Lynne said...

Your poem really tugs at my heartstrings, Judy. But it's very nice writing and the form is unique.