Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Flash mob shoppers -
mad search for the right gift.
Lists, baking, menus researched,
groceries shopped and prepared.

The real purpose appears
as time draws near,
there’s a peace that surrounds
as our family and friends gather round.

We remember losses with reverence,
acknowledge the blessings so clear,
sing happy birthday with thanks
now we can smile through our tears.


Mary said...

Sometimes it is hard to find the real purpose...I think it can only be found in the quiet moments after the hustle and bustle is behind.

Sherrie said...

The hectic beginning of this poem calms as the holiday comes to completion, and there is a peacefulness at the end. I can feel a sigh.

Ann said...

What a gift holidays can be and your words too, Judy, especially when we can sit in the quiet glow.

becca said...

I think the real purpose shows itself in the wee hours of night when i'm watching my little one sleep