Monday, June 18, 2012


I’m thankful for the opportunity
to say this one more time
you are the bright spot in my life.
Every day, every moment,
even when I don’t say it
or you don’t feel it,
even when I don’t feel it.

You are the number one peak,
the one I look forward to ,
the man I want to spend
another forty years with.
I’m thankful for the opportunity
of saying I love you
one more time,
then again

and again.


Mary said...

Beautiful sentiments so well expressed here, Judy! I am sure he feels the same.

becca said...

beautiful love that you are able to express such love

Ann said...

Beautiful, Judy. You're really writing up a storm.

Victoria said...

Each day with our beloveds really is a blessing and a precious opportunity. When I've seen you and Bill together he looks at you like he knows that, just as you do. Here's to many more days and years for the two of you to love on!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful expression of the long time love for Bill...wonderful CA

Old Ollie said...

gratitude...all too rare! Thanks JR!

ND Mitchell said...

A lovely tribute. Sincere and heartfelt.

Bill said...

Touched the heart. Hoping for 40 more with you.