Monday, June 11, 2012


A flowing black skirt
that feels like a whisper
around my ankles
where it fades to grey.

The shawl I knitted
matches the color
of my ribbed cotton top
all aqua and fluff.

My sandals are comfortable
but the Turquoise stones
vamp them up a notch
along with coral toe nails.

I apply a light foundation,
midnight mascara and kohl
to my eyes, a touch of gloss
and I’m off to the poetry reading.


Ann said...

Lovely, Judy! You and your words.

Shersim said...

Poetry is important to the speaker in this poem. I like it!

Peggy said...

You sound quite lovely in your costume. I hope you enjoyed the reading.

Judy Roney said...

Not me and no reading, Peggy. Just thought I'd use my imagination. :)

Willow said...

I love this Judy, a wonderful image.

becca said...

beautiful and i love the costume sounds pretty

Lynne said...

Such a lovely image, Judy. I guess now you have your outfit all set for your next poetry reading!

Victoria said...

Beautiful - and the concept of the outfit as costume intrigues. What costume befits a picked a lovely one.

oldegg said...

At the poetry reading who will care what is said when you present yourself as you describe! I loved it.

Mary said...

The clothing seems to fit the poet AND the occasion! Hope it was enjoyable.

Solitary wanderer said...

Lovely, the poem has great details, very interesting.

Bill said...

Don't get it (Oprah) but glad you love it so much. Equate it to selling a car and the pleasure I get from that. Isn't it wonderful to have a passion in life !?