Saturday, April 7, 2012


White shutters slat the restaurant windows
I peer through. Sun rays shiny white fall onto
women in white bikinis.  They  strut  tan bodies
that shimmer from the slather of  sun block.

Two paintings of Snowy Egrets hang on the wall.
a picture of beauty and repose that make me more so.
Snowy petunias thrive at the entrance to the left,
made more brilliant against the backdrop of sand dunes.

Lunch is served, sautéed tilapia with creamy cole slaw.
I fill myself with food and cool, clear water, sit and soak
In time and place before I give up my seat.
Pearlescent is my car that sparkles in the parking lot,
White speaks to me, clears my mind, takes me home.


Mary said...

I enjoyed this poem, Judy. White definitely does clear a person's mind. I think of white as purity, clean, and yes - tilapia! White speaks to ME too.

Victoria said...

I like all the aspects of white you are aware of in one experience. I especially like the snowy egrets.

Ann said...

Very nice, Judy. And vanilla ice cream clears the palette!

Peggy said...

So much white in one scene that I might have slid right over if I were there. Good details!