Saturday, April 7, 2012

Silent Conversation

He comes into the room and plops down into his desk chair,

puts his legs up on the desk and stares at me. I type. He turns
his attention to the news online and starts to drum his fingers

to a steady beat.  He sighs and turns my way again. I write,
try to concentrate on my poem, almost complete.  He gets up
pushes the chair against the desk and walks out.  The garage door

closes. I hear the Harley start up, then sputter quiet.  I know
he wants to go. Every night he wants to go somewhere
do something.  I know he is the most important person in my life.

I know.  I can’t keep up, don’t want to keep up. He walks in
stands in the doorway and clears his throat.  I turn
my computer off. I think we need to have a talk.


Ann said...

I can sooooooo picture this scene, Judy!

Mary said...

Sad to me that he will not ride while you write, both of you having opportunity to do what you really wish to do without one person sacrificing for the other.

Willow said...

Powerfully visual, I can see and feel it, and relate to "he always wants to go." I always want to write, and rarely want to go.

Mary Mansfield said...

A powerful poem. I think lots of us can relate to the breach that opens up at times in a relationship.

Lynne said...

I can see this all playing out, Judy. And he probably thinks he was being ever so subtle....! LOL

Kim Nelson said...

I know this scene! I cannot always keep up either!

Peggy said...

Such a perfect description of a silent communication! It has been played out in our house as well and just reading it I felt the anxiety rise! Sometimes we do have to come down to talking about these things! Write on.

Victoria said...

Strong from the gut - anatomy of a loving marriage between individuals wiht strong differences as well as strong love.