Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tomorrow I'll Write About Judging

I was going to write a poem about judging,
how we judge each other without thinking,
when a red bird landed on a branch outside my window.

I watch as the sun beams cascade to the west
and this perfect day is just about done. Like an old friend,
I want to say good-bye to a day I won’t see again.

I’ll take my dog with me and I’ll watch
her turning round and round from the joy of being outside.
I might turn round and round from the joy of it all, too.

Tomorrow I’ll write about judging others and how
I do it sometimes without thinking.  Today the red bird calls,
the squirrels are chattering, and I want to walk in the grass.


Mary said...

Sometimes it is good to be distracted so that one does not judge. Sometimes I so really miss things about Diane, as she was so nonjudgmental and so kind and always made me moreso.

Peggy said...

I love this Judy. And the photo as well. Did you take it of your own red bird and squirrel? There is such wonderful peace in this poem.

Victoria said...

Mindfulness is a wonderful antidote to judging. Well said. I like the image of each day as an old friend.

Shersim said...

How wonderful! Putting off something that can be seen as negative, and replacing it with such pleasant activities. Your poem makes me smile. It's a feel-good poem.

Lynne said...

Absolutely splendid poem, Judy! This just makes me smile from head to toe. Good life lesson.

Ann said...

Sounds like a day full of perfect moments, Judy.

Mama Zen said...

Beautifully done!